About me

What is Dachie

Dachie is an aromatherapy company which produces slow-burning high fragrance luxury end candles and scented body care products. Learn more about Dachie’s founder, Shelma, in her own words below:

My bio

I was born in Haiti and have been living on Cape Cod for 20 years now. During this time, I have been creating soy candles, Reed diffusers, and soaps that are inspired by the towns on Cape Cod as well as different countries. My inspiration comes from my love for various cultures and my friendships with people from different countries. Being the youngest of eightchildren, I was mostly raised by my older siblings. This became even more prominent when our mother immigrated to the U.S. to provide a
better future for our family.

My sister Mandachie, in particular, took on the role of a mother figure for me. Despite being a teenager herself, she selflessly cared for me as if I were her own daughter. My late father affectionately called her 'Dachie'. I am forever grateful to her for her selflessness, kindness, patience, and generosity. In honor of my older sister and in memory of our father, Shop Dachie is a brand that focuses on home fragrances. It represents the blessings of sisterhood and the lasting legacy of a loving family.